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Not enough time yesterday to spend any on the computer.  My time bank was full of coins for sunshine and wind and dirt.  Leaves and twigs and sticks chewed by the dog and scattered over the growing-green grass.  Coins for playing with new rakes and chalk bought off the list.  I spent some coins on flip-flops and shorts and an extra layer of sunscreen and on a particularly lovely red blister on my right thumb.  Then I spent some grilling chicken (for too long – need to get used to grilling again) and zucchini (which B didn't particularly enjoy) and on sore muscles at the end of the day.  Lying down in bed with a "whoosh" and dropping off to sleep to dream of musty earth and children's laughter and chalk castles and sea-monsters in swirls of pink and blue. .


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  1. Heidi March 24, 2010 at 11:40 am - Reply

    Great photo’s. I like the black white photo with the children feet.

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