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New Seasons…Pastel Painting by Bethany Fields

Maybe it’s the wind (it blows here a lot in Texas!) or maybe it’s the tulips in my flower bed that bloomed for the first time this Spring.  These things make me feel brave.

I like expanding my horizons and jumping out of my comfort zone…although mostly I just like anything creative.  (except cooking – don’t tell the hubby).  Deciding to paint was one thing.  Deciding to paint and really study and learn was another.  Then deciding to display my pieces and officially designate myself an “artist” was another step. To stand in front of a painting that I’ve worked very hard to create and invite criticism from other artists….oh goodness, it’s quite terrifying! It’s humbling and scary to stand (without a script!) and talk about your process, your techniques.  I’m a self-taught photographer and now a self-taught artist. Luckily, everyone I have met in this progression has been lovely and kind and helpful.

I’ve been doing a daily (almost!) painting since last July or so and if you count in your head how many days that is exactly, it means a LOT of paintings are lying around my house.  I like to prop them up on my furniture and live with them for awhile, saying “hi” as I amble around the house in my day-to-day.   Russell and the kids are so patient to constantly have changing artwork on all the surfaces all the time!  My “guest” bedroom has quickly been taken over by easels and other artist accoutrements.  I like to post my daily paintings on my Instagram account – (follow me at @bfields) and am just now dipping my toes into selling some of them in my Etsy shop.

Here is the latest.  I finished this one last night after some new Terry Ludwig pastels arrived on my doorstep. These beauties are like candy and I was pleased that this 8×8″ painting came together in about 20 minutes.

P.S.  After being married for 15 years, I think my hubby actually knows I don’t like to cook. 😉

The Long Road – Pastel Painting by Bethany Fields



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