DSC_00442790 My brain is on craft show right now.  Friday is set-up and the event is this Saturday and Sunday.  If you're in the area, I'd love to see you!  I've been busy making tons of new things – pretty bracelets and happy pillows…bow mobiles and sweet hearts.  Of course this is on top of the flag football games and soccer games and cub scout meetings and PTA programs and church and preschool and lunch with friends and going to vote today! :)  It's terribly windy outside, but the leaves are drifting to the ground and it makes me want to simmer some cinnamon and oranges and drink apple cider.  Light the orange candles around the house and snuggle underneath a blanket and watch a (not-really very) scary movie.  :)  I'll try to post some pictures in the next few days of the big show!