Dsc_00251208_3 The last flower.

We all piled out into the yard this past weekend for some much needed garden and yard clean-up.  I couldn’t resist snapping pictures of my now dormant garden and found this little flower still boldly "pinking" when all others have quietly settled into Dsc_00101203_2 their long winter’s nap.  The kids were cute and fun and excited to rake leaves and deadhead and trim all the perennials. Dsc_00421212_4  Gillian was adorable in this borrowed rainbow sweater…anyone remember Rainbow Brite?

We piled them onto our blanket and attempted a spontaneous photo shoot.  Much laughing ensued.  We snapped our own pictures…we snapped some more. Dsc_00181207_3 We enjoyed the beautiful golden leaves of our huge honey-locusts…the little leaves were drifting down upon us like snow.  The boys played and played…Harry was in heaven. 

Dsc_00741216_2 Great day.