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I was Senior Most Versatile at my high school.  I was in band (played the Oboe and was captain of the flag corps), was in Theatre (Best Actress in UIL competion) and also in all the musicals.  I was in the AP courses at school and also in Student Council.  I was very, very active in school.  My male Most Versatile counterpart was a guy I have know for a LONG time named Michael Neagle.  He was in band, played basketball, also in AP courses and tons of other stuff.  Very smart, very nice cool guy.  Now…..look at him.  (he is the one wearing the brownish shirt) I’m so unbelievably proud of this guy.  Although I do want to ask him why he never tried out for any school musicals!!?? 🙂


I know I’ve been on a music theme this week…but you will really like Michael and Trent’s music…:)   Here is the link to their page where you can hear snippets of the songs….

Check out his cd.  It is very inspirational music and sorry ladies, he is married to a beautiful girl whom he loves very much! 🙂  We got to hang out together at our 10-year reunion….

Congratulations Michael!  I hope you go far…..

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  1. Heather November 22, 2005 at 4:44 pm - Reply

    So cool Bethany! And I checked out the music and LOVED it and ordered the cd…so thanks!

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