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We’re in the early hours of Spring Break at my home.  The kids are easier already.  Laughing.  No stress or schedule or things to do.  I love these days – hearing them talk and tell stories.  It’s so easy for them to settle into relaxation. They haven’t yet grown enough to give care to the days ahead.

For me? My mind whirs with possibility and there are days I feel like a coiled wire ready to spring to action and go, go, go some more.  I go to art because it helps me relax, but what happens when the business of art is 100% the opposite?  Stressful, worrisome, hard, time-consuming. I can multi-task like a champ but when stretched too thin, my creative reserve is depleted which is exhausting and depressing. So…here’s to a week of soul-work!  Reading more.  Relaxing more.  Some good-for-the-body-and-mind activities.  Getting outside and away from the constant threat of technology. When we take some time to restore our spirits, we can bring so much more to others.  It shows in our work and daily lives by allowing us to focus on being present in the moments of the day.

  1.  Pamper Yourself
Bethany Fields Artist

I love fresh flowers in my home!  A small grocery store bouquet can be beautiful and add a fresh touch to your home. I like this simple approach (click here) to arranging flowers.

This pink mask is delicious.  I love to put one on before a bath.  It detoxifies the skin for a more radiant, youthful complexion.

I’m an admitted worry-wort.  I can go from peaceful to anxiety-ridden in .02 seconds if I’m not careful to guard my heart and mind from fear.  I love this quote!  I would much rather use my imagination for a new art-piece or creative pursuit…

2. Make Something

Of course, art is the most relaxing for me.  I love escaping into my studio for some great undisturbed one-on-one with all my pretty tools.  Paints, pastels, brushes, papers, pencils, sketchbooks, I love it all! I probably won’t be getting much undisturbed studio time this week though with the kids being home so I’m planning on focusing on tidying up my studio and bringing them in here to create some art pieces of their own.  My 9 year old daughter loves to join me in the studio (you can see her beautiful little hands here in this Youtube!), the 12 year old and 16 year old are harder to bribe with pretty colors.  (They’d rather be watching basketball…) Little do they know I’m planning on doing fun things together, helping them find their inner artist.  There isn’t that much art education where I live so they get the privilege of learning from their mom!   *insert evil laugh*  I’ve often gotten the comment over on my Youtube channel that watching my time-lapse videos is soothing. So, here you go! 🙂

3.  Have some Tea…

Another thing I love to do to unwind is make a relaxing cup of tea. I particularly love Mighty-Leaf Tea after having it in Santa Fe at the Inn and Spa at Loretto several years ago.  (Oh my goodness, talk about rejuvenating and relaxing!)  I couldn’t take the entire hotel and spa home with me, but I could find the tea.  I have found it before at World Market shops and also on Amazon.  It’s a beautiful and delicate with gorgeous blossoms and full-leaf tea sewn up in a silken bag. It’s delicious.  I like this article from the Rare Tea Company on brewing the perfect cup.  Do you have any favorite teas? I would love to hear.

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4.  Read a Book

Settling down to a good book is a balm to my soul.  There is nothing like escaping into the world of a good character and story.  Mary Oliver (quote above) is a beautiful American poet and her books are so restorative.  I have this one I won at a book exchange party and it sits next to my desk in my studio, a fingertip away.  I love books in my home. They are comforting and soothing…friends always there to open and discover again.  A quick list of some favorites for pleasure and for art inspiration….in no particular order:

I have had several art deadlines lately that have had me being very intentional and focused and working into the wee hours.   Lots of thinking and planning and painting involved.  I’m so ready for this week of rejuvenation with my family beside me.  Taking care of myself and taking care of them…They are the reason I look and love and am so inspired by this beautiful life.



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  1. Jen March 14, 2017 at 12:53 pm - Reply

    Wow! Thanks for all the suggestions! My spring break starts a week from Friday! I definitely want to check out some of the books you listed, and since I will be seeing my mom, we will be painting together! I can’t wait. I sent you another email, but don’t feel like you need to respond…especially during your break with the kids! I love your Monday Mood board! Wish I would have read it yesterday instead of today! I needed it yesterday as it was snowing here in Illinois! Ugh! Spring needs to arrive soon up here! Happy painting!

  2. Betty October 27, 2017 at 12:20 am - Reply

    I love different types of tea… There’s one thing that drives my friends a bit nuts because they can’t figure out the recipe~!~ During the summer and fall months, we drink a bit of iced tea, being from Mississippi. I make the tea with Luzianne tea bags, but add one Earle Grey, English Breakfast Tea or Celestial Tea Red Lion. Just one of these bags to flavor a pitcher of iced tea does it for me, more if you want it stronger, less if you can find the little infusion “tea ball” device. Every spring I have to find one… No idea where they get off to, most likely the imp that takes a sock from every other pair in the dryer will also have a cache of tea balls!

    • Bethany October 27, 2017 at 8:36 am - Reply

      I can’t believe you just shared your secret recipe! 🙂 I will make it and think of you! I bet its fun to sit and sip tea with your friends. “Sweet Tea” is a thing here in Texas but I’m not a big cold tea fan. I like a nice cup of Red Zinger Raspberry Sleepy time tea! 🙂

      • Betty October 28, 2017 at 12:52 am - Reply

        Me, too! I;ve lived all over the states, but we’re pretty well settled here in MS. So….you don’t necessarily think about it when you travel, but if you ask for sweet tea up north, the waitresses will look at me as though I’ve grown a third eye!

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