Monday, Monday…

Colin has strep throat.  Urgh.  He has been feeling under the weather since last week and I took him to the doc on Friday.  Throat culture and a weekend later, they called this morning and said it was positive for strep. 

I’m really so relieved.  I tend to go into this panic mode thing and all I can do is think "what’s wrong?  What’s wrong!!!???" and am so glad that now we know.  The thing is is he has no symptoms of strep.  He doesn’t even act really sick – just kind of sick which is almost scarier…


In other news.  My back hurts.  Been hurting ever since CHA and I’m tired of it already!  So….off to sit and ice and pop pills and try to keep from picking up the baby….the truly awful part about it is that I really "can’t" lift Baby B without feeling like I’m hurting it and I CAN’T SIT HERE at my desk for any length of time and that means NO SCRAPPIN’ for me which is awful, awful, awful….especially after coming home from CHA and that is ALL I can think about.  *sniff, sniff*

If you could, purdy please….send good positive back-healin’ thoughts my way….

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