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Monday, monday | Amarillo Texas Photography

I admit it.  I love Mondays.  When the world starts anew and the week is full of promise and potential.  I love that my sweetie (Miss Chuga) is at home today and MDO doesn't start until tomorrow.  I love being able to sit at home in my jammies until just a little bit later and drink my coffee and read my email and look at my calendar and rest.  Seems strange to rest on a Monday but the weekend is always so FULL.  Full of family and events and sports and church and friends and sessions with wonderful people.  Full of errands and grocery store and laundry and cleaning the bathroom.  Full of go, go, go.  Monday is my big sigh and deep breath as I hit the reset button and gear up for the week and the weekend ahead.  Monday is quiet amidst a world of hurry. My Mondays are pretty sacred and even though most will lament this notorious day, I will celebrate it as the beginning, the calm and the quiet.

 See those chubby knuckles?  I could eat them I love them so…


She loves her some pink.

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  1. Melissa September 20, 2010 at 10:00 pm - Reply

    Ah…too funny! I wish my mondays felt that relaxed. ­čÖé Cute shot, too!

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