Macy – Canadian Senior 2011 | Amarillo Senior Photographer

Sweet Macy.  Full of fun and spunk and determination.  This session took place on a windy, windy, windy day (don’t they all?) and this beautiful Senior had it all planned out.  Since it was an out-of-town shoot for me, she had done some major legwork and had beautiful locations chosen.  This gave us plenty of time to play.


Macy is headed to Texas Tech in the Fall and the idea of a larger city makes her glow and smile.  She has big plans and lots of dreams. Her excitement was catching and I found myself reminiscing about my own graduation and going off to college.  I didn’t know then how free I was.


Macy senses it though….that freedom and loosing.  Notice I didn’t say “losing” because she’s not losing anything.  Her mother was along for the session which is something I love.  And even though there are always tears and sentiment and love, there is so much pride and joy and care.


This was a particularly cool place.  I told her to rock her very own Anthropologie catalog.  She did.


Mama wanted a photo of Macy heading down a road.  Truly symbolic. And then we ducked into an old shed for a little relief from the wind and some gorgeous light.



I loved that Macy brought her Prom dress and I LOVE her cute red heels.  Beautiful and sassy.  Just right.   She also had ideas for a tennis shoot.  Love all of these!MWoodside4MWoodside5

You can’t shoot in Canadian without traveling to the Canadian river!  A place of beauty and community.  Lots of folks out walking the boardwalk of the bridge and lots of signs of a close-knit community…years of graffiti on the undersides declaring school championships, homecoming invites, people in love, pride and tradition.


Thank you Macy and mom for such a lovely evening.  I laughed and smiled so much my cheeks hurt and my camera couldn’t get enough of your beauty and photogenic presence.  Loved the conversation, love the time spent.  Loved you!!

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  1. Syd May 3, 2011 at 7:21 pm - Reply

    Get your guns up, Macy! We’re glad to have you in Lubbock! The double T t-shirt pic could be in print ads for Tech. So cute!!!

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