I'm sitting here at the computer boohooing my eyes out.  I think it's true when they say you get more sentimental the older you get. Today is my birthday and all I can say is, it's true.  

The ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Normal becomes a blessing.

And the things we take for granted become our daily hope and strength.

I truly feel so blessed.  I mean, it I was brave enough to post a video of me sitting here in my pajamas crying my eyes out (all while listening to David Gray – I'll admit), you'd probably feel sorry for me. 

But don't.

I am so happy.  Happy isn't even the right word.  

I am so thankful.  But that's not enough either.  

I feel like I want to give everyone a hug today and tell them I love them.  And I might.  

When I forget and the World starts to pile up, I want to remember….

The only thing that matters is Love.  

And He is the greatest of all.