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Leftovers | Amarillo Texas Family Photography

Benjamin is leaning around the corner into the living room peeking at me.  He has just put on his pajamas and robe and is afraid I'll get onto him, I guess.  He says he wants to play Aliens.  I have no idea what pajamas have to do with Aliens but whatever pleases his little five-year-old heart.  

It's 2:30 in the afternoon and we just got back from the grocery store.  

Gillian has been under-the-weather.  Caught a bug that's been parading around our community.  Pretty arrogant of that little virus, don't you think?  She found  a pink toy cellphone at the store and decided it was the coolest thing in the world.  I didn't buy it for her.  I got many stares as we chugged out of there.

It is almost time to pick up C from school….one of my favorite I'm-so-blessed-to-be-at-home-with-my-children duties.  He bounds towards me, hair all-a-mess…usually with new holes in his clothes.  (What do they do at school anyway??)    I love responding in turn to all the kids that wave and say "Hi Mrs. Colin!!"  I ruffle his hair and thank goodness he still holds my hand.  I soak it in.  Sometimes we race to the car – he always beats me.  

We drive a bit happier and we talk a bit laughier.  We act a little sillier on Fridays.  Colin writes "TGIF!" immediately on the kitchen chalkboard.  We relax.  


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