Late night ramblings…

okay..It’s not really late.  Heck, it’s only 9:15 but I am so tired from today…it feels like way after the coach is a pumpkin once more.

So today:

  • Selling more stuff on eBay….I actually think it’s really fun!  AND it helps to organize, cleanse and simplify the things that surround me and sometimes, threaten to cave in.
  • Getting ready to go to Dallas next week.  I’m so excited to get to visit my sister AND I also am doing some make and takes and fun giveaways at TWO scrapbook stores in Colleyville and Lewisville.  I will be in Colleyville, TX on Wednesday the 29th from 12-1:00 (Here is the link to their website….It’s called Scrapbook Warehouse) and then in Lewisville, TX on Thursday the 30th from 12-1:00.  I’m doing a fun make and take and also giving away some goodies from CTVW so, if you read my blog (hee, hee) and want to come…and you’re in TX (and even if you’re not) then come on down!!! (Flashback to The Price is Right)
  • Excited about this video of one of our photo shoots during CTVW shoot week.  (click on "new fun" to see the video).  I love it!  We often listen to that song during the shoot – Scott loves everything Elvis and all types of older 40’s and 50’s stuff…he makes the tracks for the shoots….anyway…it just makes me happy to watch it…seeing those people that I love and groovin’ again.

So…that’s it! Be sure and check out tomorrow…it’s my week again and I’m really proud of this weeks project….


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