I started going to the gym this week.  My body hurts a million different ways and I have had cravings for all kinds of bad food.  Today the kids are eating Sonic for an after-school treat and I am hard-pressed not to steal their tator tots and run.  I just got a Cherry-Lime.  Not healthy but something’s gotta give.

The weather has cooled down from the 100’s to the 70’s.  It is blissful and wonderful.  Everyone is talking about pumpkin spice this and that (candles, coffee, Scentsy, muffins, etc.).  Pumpkin+Spice=Heaven

Gillian is currently crying because “Benjamin didn’t let me pologize to him!!!!!”   Benjamin is mad and slammed the door.  Colin is eating all of their Sonic food.  I think all of this is over a cat toy and the fact that they’re tired.

We’re sort of in a school routine again.  I can’t say that I love getting up early, but I do love a good schedule that will keep us all from going crazeballs.  That last month of summer, while sweet, was also rough.  Colin is playing tackle football (lordy, lordy), Benjamin is in soccer and Gillian in ballet.  They are cute to the nth degree.  Russell is doing his last triathlon of the summer tomorrow.  Makes me tired thinking about it.

P.S.  While I was writing this post, one of the three hoodlums drank my Cherry-Lime.  #$%*(*)(*#$@&!!!

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  1. Kristi September 10, 2011 at 2:09 am - Reply

    Funny post…..about the cherry lime… grandmother used to sneak Dr Peppers in the laundry basket because she knew no one would look there…..she would enjoy one while doing the laundry.

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