Packing up my gear for this shoot, I had nervous excitement.  I love, love Senior season. And she is a perfect example of why:


 Sweet Kaitlyn was an early graduate last semester but that didn't mean she shouldn't have beautiful images!  We chose a cold day in January that just happened to also have amazing light:


 This girl was (and is) fun.  She has "happy" written all over her face.  Her mom was along for the session (something I encourage) and we had so much fun trading stories, pampering sweet "Kait" and giggling and talking.


 Kaitlyn knew exactly the look she wanted for her photos, which was wonderful.  She loved urban settings with lots of great texture and character.  She brought a ton of cute clothes and accessories and we made sure to capture her in all of them.  Senior sessions are longer to allow for drives to different locations and for wardrobe changes.  Kaitlyn had a great mix of dressy and casual, pants and skirts.  Along with great shoes, boots and jewelry and accessories.  This girl came prepared!!


 And did I also mention it was freezing?  Like 40 degrees freezing cold?  And she wore these cute little dresses?  She was amazing!


I love this cute jacket and turquoise window!  And her look!  Absolutely gorgeous!


 And this outfit made me want to buy some jeggings.  Yes.  You heard me correctly.


 Oh pretty girl, I had so much fun with you!  Thank you for asking me to take your gorgeous photos even though it was FREEZING.  You were such a good sport and the results are stunning. ­čÖé