Jackson and Sydney – Amarillo Wedding Photography

This beautiful couple.  Let the angels sing.  Oh heavens!!  I’ve known this sweet girl for a long time.  Her family is precious and when they asked me to be their photographer I was so humbled and excited.  They are lovely, lovely people and I’m so happy and proud to know them.  When going through the images after their big day, I might have cried to myself a little (or a lot) at how happy they are! Love is amazing and Jackson and Sydney love so deeply.  I could have put up their entire gallery they are so photogenic and gorgeous but had to restrain myself.  However, be prepared for lots of happy pretty below….

Thank you thank you thank you Jackson and Sydney!



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  1. Dean June 19, 2015 at 1:19 pm - Reply

    Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful! Proud Dad here! Thank you Bethany!

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