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Okay, first of all, I love these people.  Like love, love.  I love them not only because they are super beautiful and photogenic, they happen to be so full of life and love.  During this trip we laughed together, watched movies, ate ham dip (interesting), and I even slept in their comfy spare bedroom.  Now before you go thinking "I need to ask Bethany over to STAY? for her to take our photos??!"…let me just say…Justin is my super cute brother-in-law and Kristi is my adorable sister-in-law.  So.  I get to stay at their house and eat ham dip whenever I want.  Ham dip?  Don't ask.  

Their son J is also super cute.  On our maternity photo shoot weekend getaway to la Midland, Texas  (when you add a "la" it says fancier), I followed him around and took his pic as much as possible.  He's a tough cookie when it comes to getting him to smile for the camera.  In the Fields family, we call this a "menomile" (me no smile) look.  Inside joke.  Ryder the dog had to get in a few too.  


I love, love this one of Kristi.  I don't know where Justin, J and Ryder went?  Maybe they blew away because once again we had SUPER WIND.  I know I've shown this picture before here on the blog, but GAH, have to show it again.  


After we got the family pics out of the way, we ran back to home base for a quick wardrobe change.  Then ventured out behind their home to a vacant field with tall grasses.  The sun was beginning to set which is my favorite time of day.  

Kristi has such cute style. I love that she was wearing fun red heels.  In a field.  Yes!



I love watching them together.  They genuinely like one another.  

He can make her laugh.  She makes him more tender.  




Kristi and Justin have already welcomed their new baby boy into the family!  I had a short but happy session with him while he was still in the hospital.  He's adorable and we are all pleased as punch.  Now, if they could have 10 more so I could take their photos over and over….wouldn't that be nice?

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