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Last night I dreamed I was flying around my alma mater's grounds, trying to find the President to present him with my choices for who should win Best Musician of the Year.

Magazines currently on my side-table:  July 2009 National Geographic on Angkor.  The newest Fall Pottery Barn.  ( pg. 50 – you had me at "Hello").  July 2010 Rangefinder.

Amount of dishes in my sink:  10000 (might as well be)

I am very close to deciding to exercise.  Goodbye muffin top.

Except I made banana bread yesterday and well….you know.

Amount of pictures I took this weekend when we went hiking:  150 billion  (almost)

Amount I think my family is wonderful:  250 kajillion (really really)


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  1. CrystalL July 30, 2010 at 4:58 pm - Reply

    Love the use of texture!

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