has been waking me up almost every night.  I’m so tired of being tired!!  Last night I woke up and got up at about 3:00 am and then finally went to bed after working on jewelry (what else is there to do at that hour?!) at around 6:00….of course have to be up at 7:00 to help my lil’ Kindergartner wake up and get dressed and eat!  So…….not much sleep for me.  I guess it’s nature’s way of preparing me for a newborn!

Finished my projects yesterday for CTVW and now working on steps and such.  It’s a COLD, wintery day and will stay that way all weekend – so I have nowhere to go and a lot to do!  At least I’ll get a lot finished. ­čśë  Maybe an opportunity for more beautiful ice/snow pictures.  We have had our share of ice storms this year – unusual for us (we usually get snow or nothing at all! lol!)  They are beautiful but so damaging to trees and shrubs…..