Me:  Swipes of paint in my hair and on my forehead…on my clothes. Constantly wondering (as people stare at me at the store…or at preschool) if I still have pastel dust smeared across my neck or cheek…or on my nose.  Can people see my short shaggy fingernails, stained cuticles and dry skin (from constantly washing)?  Do they wonder if I'm just dirty?  Or do they know I make things?  Is the paint on my new jeans going to wash out?  The glue on my thumb peels off like a banana peel.  My fingers are sore from pinpricks.   Oh well, at least I have makeup on. 

G_February2009a Her: Swipes of paint on her face and forehead…and on her clothes.  Not caring or even noticing that people are looking ar her because she's so cute.  Sneaking into my art supplies and finding a treasure!  (treasure=blue and green metallic ink pad).  G_February2009 Finding a pencil (or crayon, marker, or pen) and drawing all over the walls…just like I draw on paper.  Sneaking (again) into my makeup drawer, finding my mascara (another treasure) and brushing her hair with it. Playing tag "let's draw on each other" with brother Benjamin.  Oh well, at least someone invented baby wipees and indoor plumbing. 

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