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Will_bigham Have you watched the new reality show on Fox yet?  Called "On the Lot" and starring my friend Will Bigham!?  Will and I graduated from high school in the same district way back when and received the same scholarship to go to college and major in Theatre/Acting and Directing.  We were in shows together at Texas Tech and I became good friends with his wife Catherine.  We were competitors and friends and schoolmates and (as happens after school) went our separate ways.  They moved to Virginia and acted for several years…then on to film school and then LA.  I did my thing too and am now living back in our hometown "area."  I can’t tell you how exciting it is to watch and see where they’ve gone and to be so proud of someone!  When the voting commenced last night (sort of American Idol style) after the short films were shown, I was so thrilled!  So….I’m plugging my friend and shouting out to you, dear blog readers…."VOTE FOR WILL!"

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  1. Yazmin June 1, 2007 at 3:18 pm - Reply

    I must admit I have a slight ting of envy that I don’t have an old relationship like that. I can only imagine that having a connection such that you are excited for how far someone has come when you have been apart for so long is a little rush and a great feeling. ­čÖé
    I don’t watch those shows, but I do hope he did great!

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