In the Big D

Hey everybody!  Right now, sitting in my sisters house waiting for my hair to dry so I can fix it and then head over to The Scrapbook Warehouse to see everyone and do a make and take and do some special giveaways relating to  It should be fun!!  It’s always fun to be with my sister and of course my adorable niece, Lucy AND it’s a plus when I get to visit scrapbook stores and meet people and have fun getting down and dirty scrapbook-wise.  ha!

I’ll be in the Colleyville location today and in the Lewisville store tomorrow!  I’m so excited to go since the Colleyville location has over 9000 feet of space and the Lewisville store has 15,000!!! Now, that’s a store I can spend some time (and money) in!

I’ll check back in later!! ­čÖé

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