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In 9 years | Amarillo Photographer


  • you've surprised us with a joy we didn't know existed.
  • you've lived in three different cities and two states – almost 2000 miles apart.
  • we've laughed and cried more than we ever thought possible.
  • you've traveled to many states – New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Arkansas, Georgia (hee, hee), all over  Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado and probably several more I'm forgetting.
  • we've watched you make funny little "o" faces as a wee little infant – mesmerized by your every action.
  • we've read and read and read and read and read to you.  Now you read and read and read and read to yourself – of course also still loving us to read to you.
  • we've watched you army crawl and then learn to walk (on my birthday!) when you were 11 months old.
  • you've grown more handsome by the day.
  • you've always had enthusiasm for everyone and everything….(well…almost).
  • you've always been a great little traveler.  Never complaining and always eager to get on the road again.
  • you've happily welcomed a little brother AND a little sister.  I'll never forget your quiet words to Benjamin even before he was born – you placed your little hands on my growing belly and said "please come out."  And with Gillian?  I've never seen such tenderness.
  • the Lord has blessed us in an immeasurable way.


In 9 years…

  • you'll be 18!
  • We'll have seen 5 more Olympic games.
  • you'll have had your first date, possible first car (we'll see about that…) and will be heading for college.
  • Gillian will be 11 and Benjamin will be 14.
  • Wow….I'll be old.
  • Will you still be obsessed with your DS? And the Wii?
  • Your laundry pile will be a lot bigger and a LOT stinkier. 
  • You'll HAVE A JOB.  ­čśë
  • You'll have done lots of chores and earned lots of "attitude points."  haha.
  • I'll try not to be too sappy and cry at the fact that you aren't a baby anymore…kinda like right now. 
  • We'll travel together and laugh together.
  • We'll celebrate lots of new milestones and "firsts."   
  • We'll pray for you and love you oh-so-much. 
  • We'll be blessed in an immeasurable way because of you, dear sweet Colin Alexander. 

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  1. Rene January 2, 2010 at 6:08 pm - Reply

    So special reading your reflections. I love you and yours. Nine years? How could this have happened?!

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