If you want to get anything done,

don't, I repeat, *don't* listen to Pandora Radio.  This morning on a snowy, blizzardy day (yes, it's true), I wanted some new music other than my normal ITunes.  Pandora is a great place to find it!  Just type in a band you like and it automatically gives you an entire radio station geared to musicians who have similar attributes.  I plugged in "John Butler Trio" as I think they are just the shizz.  So…now, I've spent the entire morning running back and forth to the computer going "Who is that?  I must check them out on ITunes.  Wait.  I also must check there website…wait I will also check YouTube."  Seriously I have done this this every couple of minutes for several hours the music has been so good.  And from artists whom I have never heard.

Such as Xavier Rudd

and Dispatch

and Andrew Lipke

and Jason Reeves

and Barefoot Truth

So…if you want new music,  check out Pandora and you'll guaranteed have some.  If you need to do laundry, don't…

Wait…do.  Laundry can wait. 

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