I was tagged…

By my good friend, Elizabeth (or more commonly referred to as simply "E")

So here are my answers:

4 Jobs I’ve had in my life:

1.  Worked for a woman during college paying her bills and typing up her recipes onto 3×5 cards…I learned a great system for paying bills that I still do today.

2.  Worked at the mall – at The Buckle.  It was just a summer job.  I had a lot of fun but realized retail is not my thing…

3.  Spent three lovely summers in an outdoor musical called "Texas" that was produced in the lovely Palo Duro Canyon.  I love, love, loved this job.  Acting, singing, dancing for thousands and thousand of people.  Meeting new friends and realizing how much I wanted to be a performer and entertainer.

4.  Designer on CraftTVWeekly.com. Finding this job really was serendipity.  I have many online scrapbooking friends.  One of those friends (Carmen) pointed me to an post she saw at 2Peas asking for "Female Designers in an unscripted show" to submit their work.  I thought "Nah."  I live in Amarillo, TX – this job is in Burbank, CA.  But my friends pressed me to send in my Scrapbook Resume, along with my headshot and theatrical resume.  I did. Got a call from the producer the very next day….the rest is history!!!

4 Movies you could watch over and over:

1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

2.  The Thomas Crowne Affair (remake)

3.  The Bourne Identity

4.  Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

4 Places you have lived:

1.  Amarillo, Texas

2.  Lubbock, Texas

3.  Brookline, Massachusetts

4.  I guess we’ll see….

4 shows you love to watch:

I’m not a big tv watcher so this is a hard one.  When I do turn the tv on at night, I guess I like:

1.  Project Runway

2.  OLD Alias

3.  Grey’s Anatomy

4.  PBS

4 Places you have been on vacation:

1.  New York, NY

2.  The Big Island of Hawaii

3.  Dahlonega, Georgia

4.  Franconia, New Hampshire

4 Websites you visit daily:

1.  CraftTVWeekly.com

2.  Tai Shan’s site

3.  Boston Red Sox

4.   My bank account

4 of your favorite foods:

1.  Black-eyed Peas

2.  Grape-Nuts

3.  Cheesecake

4.  Good Enchiladas

4 places you would rather be right now:

1.  Back on the Big Island

2.  On a stage, in a show

3.  Reading a good book because I have nothing else to do

4.  On a plane, heading for somewhere I’ve never been – on an adventure.

There you have it!! This was fun….thanks E!

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