I will Follow – Pastel Artist Bethany Fields

Happy Tuesday all! I stayed up way too late last night tweaking and fiddling with this one so today I’m calling it done and moving onto the next.  I love this aspect of pastel.  No drying time helps my tender little impatient artsy heart to just keep doing what I love.

It’s sometimes hard to know what to write here.  What do I share?  So much of my process is very internal, as are my paintings.  This one is loosely inspired by a photo I took out at the Canyon just a couple of days ago when hiking with my sweet little girl.  We were singing and holding hands and the birds were chirping and the wind was soft. The trees were so GREEN which is amazing to see in the climate in which I live.  I’ve been meaning to build up the courage to go outside and paint.  It’s intimidating. So much to look at and see and then to take apart to convey on a piece of paper.   Nature is BIG.





I will Follow – 8×10 pastel on Uart –
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