I love Fridays…List

  • I get to stay in my jammies extra late
  • I get to drink the coffee instead of rushing around and then finding it cold as ice three hours later
  • I can listen to Benjamin watching Syd (Sid??) the Science Kid on PBS
  • It's a "no-mail" day in the world of Annie and Olive
  • Today is extra cool as it's Friday the 13th. 
  • Which means it's also pay day!! (15th falls on Sunday)
  • I get to sleep in tomorrow
  • My desk is usually clean on Fridays
  • The kids are happier as they look forward to the weekend
  • I get to stay in my jammies extra extra late


More later…

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  1. Heidi February 13, 2009 at 9:32 am - Reply

    enjoy your friday,and have a great weekend

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