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I fully intend

DSC_01482861 to write consistently and profoundly every day of this holiday season.  Mixing words with Christmas boxes full of toys and good cheer.  Having fantastic home crafts and projects (with PDF's!) that you can download everyday and create fabulous memories with your children by your side. Creating beautiful pictures and posting my daily scrapbook that I faithfully complete  with joy and happiness.  I fully intend to do this….or do I just wish I could?  Really, I just want to enjoy this month…and next and the next.  Tackling projects one at a time with a smile and infinite patience.  Patience is a key….and lack of frustration that I seem to get tired in mid-afternoon and want to sit and read or cuddle under a blanket or veg out on the computer and look at Anthropologie because it's so fabulous..But, I can say one thing that I've *actually* accomplished (and not just dreamed about)…and that would be decorating!  The house is glowing and smells good  – thanks to this new little treat I picked up at my favorite store here (that unfortunately doesn't have a website…bummer).   The stockings are hung, the tree is decorated three feet and up (Miss G likes the "baas" on the tree…therefore nothing on the bottom.)  The greenery is up and thankfully, out of the way (note to self:  wear goggles next time you decorate – more on this later).  The holly outside the window is even in full cooperation,  covered in thick red drops of berries.  It's a bit windy today, but maybe that's just Jack Frost coming for a visit…I even like that too.  So dear friends, forgive me if my blog is neglected.  I'm reveling in actually doing the things I would like to share with you….and I don't know how to make a PDF anyway.  

edited to say:  this is in no way a condemnation of those who can make an awesome PDF! ;)  I re-read my post and it sounds awfully cynical.  I now vow to learn how to make a PDF….just because I said I couldn't. Now, off to make Christmas Cards! (no, really…..I may even share them!) haha.

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  1. Heidi December 3, 2008 at 9:38 am - Reply

    hi Bethany,enjoy the month december with your family,and from Holland a very merry christmas and a wonderfull 2009

  2. Heidi December 3, 2008 at 9:43 am - Reply

    I wish you a great december month.
    And from Holland a very merry christmas and a wonderfull 2009

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