Swing Here is another old layout – I just love these pictures of sweet little Benjamin in the swing at the park.  I remember being particularly proud of the typing within the large black and white picture because I figured out how to type on a path in photoshop.  Of course, now I’ve forgotten! ­čśë 

It’s a beautiful (and a bit cool) day today – the sun is out and the birds are chirping!  We had storms in the area last night and that always makes me nervous.  Living in "tornado alley" in the Spring is definitely nerve-wracking.  Colin was getting a bit wigged out by the news coverage and so we sat down and played a game together.  Luckily, nothing happened in our area except some hail and wind and rain – other parts of the Panhandle and beyond weren’t so lucky.  Now to see what it will do tonight…..

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