Dsc_0024pscs Here is an old picture of Benjamin’s various treasures from around the house.  I have an old stroller that he was pushing around one day filled with all of this stuff.  Cute.

I’m posting it now because I’ve been so busy and haven’t even really thought about ye olde blog in a while.  W’e’re having a garage sale (tag sale, sidewalk sale, yard sale to those not familiar with "garage") in a bit and I’ve been pricing and collecting old stuff and pricing some more.  We’re excited to have more room in our garage (again…not familiar?  Place where you keep your junk…um…car) and make some cash on the side.  Yay!

I’m getting rid of a bunch of old sb stuff (gasp!) and craft items…must make room for the new! Toys and clothing and knick-knacks.  If it doesn’t sell?  Goodwill, baby.

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