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Don't these orchids look kinda ornery?  They are definitely sassy!  Staring at me and asking me to come closer for a peek.  Their lovely orchid color (what is that color?  lavendar? no.  purple? no. pantone help me!) taunts me with its Springness.   

Speaking of that….tomorrow we "Spring forward" which is the worst idea Benjamin Franklin ever had.  Wow.  Now you think I'm smart whereas I just learned that tidbit from watching National Treasure with the hubster. (I hope that tidbit is true or I'll feel dumb instead of smart.  I'll look it up on Wikipedia.  Okay it's kinda true.  I'm good).

Nicholas Cage is kinda dorky.  

Yes, I'm feeling random today and a bit silly.  I'm leavin' town….bustin' outta this joint, throwin' caution to the wind.  I also really love apostrophes. Yay!

I'll be back with loads of stories, lots of photos and a more relaxed mind.  

Spring Break!  

Ready, set, GO!


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