I’ve been thinking a lot about health lately.  Am I healthy?  In some ways "yes" and in probably most ways "no."  I want to change that.  Found an article today that was inspiring and lo and behold, I put down my (gulp) third cup of coffee, filled up my Nalgene bottle (in an oh-so-delicious shade of red) with water (with a volume of 32 oz.) and ate a bowl of strawberries. 

Now, to continue eating snacks throughout the day (never been a problem).  I have been eating almonds at my snacktimes and really like them but this article really made me think not only of eating to lose weight, but eating to gain health.  I like the idea of my food really being used for something and to making the food I eat work for me.

So….I start my new health kick.  Even though I think that article (above) had some great points, the subtitle ("WH food editor Kate Dailey finds out if it’s possible to make her nutritionist happy and still live a normal life") kinds of makes me roll my eyes….because if *I* could afford a nutritionist to help me in the day to day and make me menus and eat things like "swordfish" and "butternut squash soup," and "Moosewood frozen couscous stew" then maybe I could lose four pounds in a week too.  But then I look at my pantry and am sorely lacking any of those foods.  And ya know what?  I think that is why I despise "menus" in diet plans.  Because WHO really eats this food?  Where do they get it?  When do they fix it?  How much is their grocery budget?  Because I know that I grab things on sale and often "swordfish" isn’t one of them.  So…really?  I want a "menu" for a SAHM  – where the predominant things in my pantry are whole wheat bread (that’s good, right?), applesauce (that’s a fruit group, right?) and ‘Nilla Wafers….(um….?)

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    I hear ya! Swordfish for the family (they would happily eat it) would blow my budget for the month and we’d eat ramen noodles for weeks afterwards. Balance. THere’s gotta be balance. -E

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