Stop Haven’t posted a new-old layout in awhile.  I made this one sometime last year after looking through old photos.  See little Benjamin on the hospital bed?  This was taken when I was all alone with him after he was born and just falling in love.  He’s so tiny!

This is the first layout I really wanted to incorporate the title into the journaling instead of trying for something separate.  I’m a big fan of journaling like this – directly on the page in a free-form "pattern."  I rarely pre-think my journaling (unlike the olden days) and just write free-form, stream of consciousness.  I like it.

Any day now, I’ll have another little one to photograph and I’m just so thrilled.  I’ve been researching innovative newborn photography online (just like my friend Danielle posted on her blog) and have found some that I really like.   Exciting.

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  1. Leah April 10, 2007 at 9:09 am - Reply

    He’s soooo sweet, B! ­čÖé You have amazing shots of the boys…can’t wait to see the amazing shots of the girl!

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