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happy news and sad news…. | Amarillo Texas Photographer

Which do you want first?

Sad News: 

I'll give the sad news first so as not to leave you on that note.  Our little birdie (we had officially named him Don Alejandro Diego de la Vego – nickname:  Yoyo) was the victim of a Sylvester-ish deed by our outside kitty Simon.  Russell and the boys went to Lubbock this past weekend on Friday and I followed them out there on Saturday.  Sneaky kitty must have slid inside and then hidden out until I was long gone.  When we got home, the birdcage was on the floor and no sign of birdie or kitty.  Kitty was hiding out again and we got to bury birdie underneath the bird feeder in the backyard.

I was (and still am) so sad.  We didn't have Yoyo for very long but he was a bright spot (flutter?) in my day and made me happy everytime I walked by his cage and heard his little twittertwitter.  We are considering getting another canary – although they are surprisingly hard to find around here.  I feel bad even considering "replacing" Yoyo but that empty cage makes me depressed.

We'll see…

Happy News:

The reason  we went to Lubbock was to celebrate Russell's Grannie's 90th birthday.  We had so much fun with the relatives that came and everyone helped make Grannie a "Memory Box".  She enjoyed reading and "remembering" everything and we had a great time.  While we were there, we also bought a new car!!  We got a brand new 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe that is wonderful and bigger and clean and the a/c actually works without overheating the car.  Yeah!!!


with the bad comes the good….


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