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My thoughts stray a lot lately to the future.  I am always thinking of it even though I push to stay in the now.  Now is where I and my family reside and I don't want to miss out even though, at times, I push myself there to test waters.  I am a life-long day-dreamer.  What if this?  What if that?  What then?  Wading through my thoughts can be difficult.  I know it's just an attempt to be ready.  Ready for what?    

The boys are outside playing in the warm (!!!!!!) sun.  It is a beautiful day.  Gillian has come in and out and in again and is requesting her second cup of pretzels.  This morning she asked for "popo fuffs" (cocoa puffs).  Right now she  is playing her "tomonica" (harmonica).

These are things I don't want to miss while  traveling in my mind to imaginary resting places. 

That is why I'm going outside.  And getting a cup of pretzels on the way….


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