Grapes Still Life | Amarillo Fine Art Photography

Lately I’ve been loving looking at lots of food blogs and seeing all the gorgeous food styling and photography. I have played with this in the past and am drawn to the classic still life.  Layered and textured, everything always looks so sumptuous, extravagant, and delicious.  Today has been cold and snowy and with nowhere to go, I captured these frozen beauties (and ate one….or two…or three) along with some diminutive pears, an antique gardening book, a vintage-look towel from World Market, and an antique silver tray.  I am loving my deep brown paint color we chose for our dining room walls;  it’s a great old-world look backdrop.  I carefully arranged the grapes and accessories (I put them in the freezer last night to give them the frosted look for this morning).  I love the effect and they’re yummy to boot.  Who doesn’t love eating the props as a treat afterwards? haha.  Having a hard time deciding which I like the best.  I may release all three to my Etsy shop as a series and let my clients pick!  What do you think? Which do you prefer?

Grapes, Purple, Still Life, Pears, Green, Etsy Fine Art Photograph

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