Tricky little things they are.  Last night I sat down while the Mr. was watching the big game on TV.  I had my pad of paper, my calendar, my computer and a pen.  I tallied up last year in neat little bullet points and verbage.   Analyzing the year in my head,  I tried to dissect the months into two columns:  What Worked and What Didn't.  It's harder than you think.  Luckily, the "What Didn't" list was shorter than the other and for that I am grateful.  BUT.  I think the "What Didn't" list actually taught me more.  

I read once that the most successful MBA's will state that the key to success is written goals.   I'm no MBA (woop! to all the BFA's out there!) but I think it's a good idea.  Written goals force focus and give you a mindset of what you would like to accomplish.  They become a tuning fork for the mind and heart.  They force you to stretch in new directions, grow in others.  Maybe even stop going in one direction and start in another.  

So for 2011 we have a new list.  A new set of bullet points.  Only time will tell if I accomplish even half of them.  Some of them are business goals, some personal, some for our family, some for just me, some for my spiritual growth, some for my health and well-being, some for fun and some for necessity.    I do know that it feels great to dream up and set my eyes and heart towards something.  And yes, I'll save the cheesey "Let's GO TEAM FIELDS!!!" til the end.