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Gleason Family | Amarillo Child and Family Photographer

It is a cold and snowy day here.  Gillian is watching "Horton Hears a Who" and I am catching up on some much needed email and general computerness. I am looking at last year and remembering the warmth and length of the days.  Looking ahead and dreaming of bare feet scampering through the grass, lazy days in the park and cuddling on blankets under a canopy of leaves.  And that brings me to them:


Rebecca called me last summer and we excitedly planned their session for the Fall.  It was so fun planning this day…from the flowers to the pumpkins to the apples.  The little girls in their adorable Matilda Jane outfits and mom and dad so proudly looking on their darling babies.  Their home was warm and welcoming.  Photos everywhere, rooms full of personality.  With this family I instantly felt comfortable, trusted and happy. 


The girls and I played.  We talked and laughed and giggled.  We smelled flowers and skipped around.  We twirled and danced and played peek-a-boo.


This one loves her mama.

and stories read to her by daddy.


And this one…well.  What do you say about this sweet face?  Beauty unfolding and blossoming.  Such a natural in front of the camera.  And so content with who she is and knowing where she belongs.   

We ventured into the girls sweet room.  Full of pink and with darling little bunk beds.  A room fit for princesses. With a beautiful window just begging for us to sit:


and a bench outside just begging for a sweet little girl to grace it.  

And then a change of location.  A short drive to a neighborhood park.  Everyone skipping along and delighted with each other.  Photos until dark.  Still twirling and laughing and skipping.  Reading books and tickle fights and counting petals on flowers.  Exploring and venturing and running back into each other's arms.  

I seriously could show every image from this session.  They are that adorable of a family.  I'm sure you will agree?  I love when a family lets me in.  Let's me play and imagine and create.  I love when they play themselves and come with ideas and are interested in being themselves…

My favorite part of this session though had to be the very end.  Pictures after dark and saying goodbye to them.  The sweet littlest girl with eyes twinkling and hair wisping…. prancing up to me, hugging me, holding my hand and asking me "can you come back tomorrow?"  

And then running back to mama's arms and then driving home to bed.

And then dreaming sweet dreams filled with books and flowers and mama and daddy. And playing and laughing and loving.






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  1. Emmy Watkins February 19, 2011 at 11:42 am - Reply

    I love the Gleason Family pictures! They are beautiful!

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