Funny Benjamin-isms

So….Benjamin (and Colin too) are really into play-pretending "Indiana Jones."  Although Benjamin calls him "Indian and the Jones" and neither have seen any of the movies.  It all accounts because Colin has the Nintendo DS Lego game and so they think it and he (being "the Jones") are pretty cool.  They like to dress up in khaki pants and cowboy boots (does he wear those?) and cowboy hats (we don't have a cool fedora) and then they sling a belt around their shoulders.  The one thing missing is a whip.  I am pretty certain I don't want to put an actual whip in the hands of a four and eight year old nor do I want to give them a rope.  So what does crafty mama think of?  Twine!  (I know it's not nearly as cool but they'll take anything).  So they've been carrying their twine whips around and slinging them through the air.  Sometimes the twine gets knotted around things like the belt and my table and (only once) Gillian.  So, we have to cut the twine whips….which makes them short and not nearly as fun.

Yesterday, Benjamin came to me and said "Mama, the ants did it."  And I said "What did they do?"  And he said "The ants moved your scissors and cut more twine.  They got the scissors out of your bucket."

Ohhhhh….those are some pretty amazing ants.

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  1. courtney March 25, 2009 at 10:20 am - Reply

    this is too cute! indian and the jones. i’m going to have to tell my boyfriend that – he’s a huge indy fan.

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