Hiking during the day and just barely missing the rain everytime.  Adobe pueblos with beautiful flowers growing on them.  Pecos National Historic Site.  The beautiful surrounding mountains were so refreshing…the air smelling like Pinon Pine and wet earth.  Miss G wanting to walk everywhere but where you were going and learning what it's like to cut her knee for the first time.  Colin and Benjamin so happy to be camping and to cook smores all gooey and hot off the campfire.  Russell loving us all and being such a good daddy…carrying the "Bachugarita" around in the backpack while also carrying "Little Honey Fox" (Benjamin's "Indian" name) when he got a bit whiney.  "Wolf Cub Broken Arrow" (Colin) wanting to assert his independence, but also walking with me and holding hands and making jokes.  The beautiful green desert and the wet, wet rain were glorious.  Walking around in Santa Fe, seeing the sites and the shoppers, but feeling so content "I don't need anything to make me happier than I am."  Hiking in Bandelier National Monument, up into the caves and LHF (see Benjamin's Indian name) really thinking we were just going to stay in them and live there forever.  Yummy Blue Corn Cafe food.  Feeling so blessed by this trip…the last "hurrah" before things get busy once again…but also ready to pack up and go on another adventure.