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So I love this mama and her family more than I can express.  We go way, way, way back to the days of heavy lipliner and big hair.  Half shirts and belly chains (me, not her.  haha!)  Days of leisure and no kids.  Somewhere along the way we lost each other and then, by complete surprise, found each other. 


We found each other at Mother's Day Out.  I had just had Gillian.  She had only her oldest.  We cried and hugged and made people stare. We delighted in each other's children.  We slowly began to know each other again.  


That was about three years ago and since then, our friendship has deepened and grown and blossomed.  We've had playdates, watched each other's children, shopped, drank wine, laughed, cried and prayed together.  We've traveled, we've eaten, we've talked and we've talked and we've talked.  

So when she asked for pictures this past Fall, I knew where we would go.  This beautiful place is a favorite for me.  I love the soft golden light of the setting sun.  I love the tall grasses and roughness.  I love this old bench that I bought on a trip with my sweet friend….



So thankful for memories together.  For these sweet people in my life.  Feeling full and happy and content.  


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  1. Heidi April 12, 2011 at 9:47 am - Reply

    Beautiful photos. Lovely story about how you find each other again.
    Good friendschip is good for you.(Sorry for the bad englisch i am from Holland)

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