I come to you on a cloudy Friday afternoon while doing laundry (yes…still)  and dishes and cooking and cleaning.  This has been a pretty good but slow week…Colin woke up with a small fever today and so today is just a "rest day" as we like to call it.  Fine by me.  I still have projects looming and things to do out the wazoo but feel a bit better about it today….

So…let’s get on with it!!

Movie Moment: In the movie Amelie when title character (uh…that would be Amelie) takes her father’s garden gnome and sends it on a international adventure – thus prompting her father to get out more and see the world.  A very sweet, endearing, magical movie.

Song:  Hallelujah sung by Rufus Wainwright from the movie soundtrack Shrek.  Just a gorgeous song and so simple. 

So…short Favorites for today.  I’m not feeling very creative and so you guys are just going to have to think of your own favorites for the day! 🙂

I do have a favorite picture though – here it is….taken in my backyard on my porch.