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Friday Fashion | What to Wear | Amarillo Texas Photographer

I'm feeling casual this week – maybe it's all the good intentions lately…can't wear heals at the pumpkin patch, can we?  I mean, I guess you could.  If you were Carrie Bradshaw.  

This one is super quick and fun.  Bright pinks and blues, mixed with some gray (or grey, depending on how you roll).  I thought it was funny that I chose all Converse for this FF  - huh, maybe I was inspired.  

A lot of people stray from pattern in clothing for their photo shoots.  Don't be afraid!  Pattern is scrumptious if you know how to mix it.  Look through magazines, go online.  A ton of stores now have "shop this look" sections that are similar to these fashion friday posts, except interactive.  I aspire to be as cool.

We could even throw on a fun jacket over mom's bright pink – besides, it might be chilly.  Think fall leaves. Caramel apples.  Flag football game with the fam.  Tailgating.  Fun.


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