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Okay people.  I think this may be my favorite FF so far.  In brainstorming about this post, I really wanted to show a basic color scheme spiced up.  A lot of clients automatically think "I must wear black and it must be matchy-matchy."  Not sure where this line of thinking came from but with me, this is definitely not true. Now in blacks favor…. it is a  beautiful "color" in photographs.  It's classic. It goes well with anything.  It's very slimming.  Most everyone already has some.  I get this.  A portrait of everyone in black turtlenecks and khaki pants do make um…..timeless photos to pass out to the fam.   However, I don't want to shoot just plain black with khaki.  I want to set your images apart!  I want to create that wow factor!  I'm not only your photographer, I'm your stylist, your consultant and your coach.  With a little creativity we can make your images truly special.  

Texture and pattern are always one way to do so.  A lot of photographers will tell you "please don't wear patterns" mainly because they aren't schooled in how to USE patterns to their (and ultimately, your) benefit.  Think of styling your wardrobe as you would your home.  Would you choose all black furniture with no pattern whatsoever and no other colors?  You might….but I hope not!  We as humans are naturally drawn to accents and texture.  So add them to your wardrobe too!

Take this Friday Fashion guide.  This template is obviously for a fashionable couple wanting some romantic shots. The woman's sweater (LOVE) is a  black and white.  There is a small pattern in the knitting, a belt (which slims the waist) and also texture with the inherent quality of the material.  I chose a soft ruffled shirt for the base layer – another layer of texture.  The man's coat is very basic.  I didn't want to choose something that had a lot of pattern as hers offers plenty.  With a young (probably newly married or engaged couple), I'd shoot lots of huggin' and lovin.'   Snuggled together, his basic coat compliments her patterned sweather.  But, we don't want him to fade into the background.  Thus the added fun accessories of the driver's cap and red tartan scarf.  This is key!  Adding that punch of red took this from medium to hot.  Just like you add the cute pillow (with the accent colors) to your couch, add accent colors to your basic wardrobe. Of course you can't have hotness without adding amazing shoes….the pies de resistance.  (duh.)  

Can't you just see these photos – cute couple, in a beautiful street scene?  Perhaps in a Cafe?  Having Coffee?  Cuddling under an overhang?  Beautiful Badgley Mischka's peeking out? *swoon!!!*  Please someone, wear red heels quick, quick!!

 It's important to realize that this formula will work with pretty much any color.  Have a neutral base palette?  Add red!  Add yellow – (yellow shoes?? Fun!)  Add turquoise (yum!)  Add plum!  Feel beautiful and creative in the clothes you wear and your photo shoot will be a huge success.

Interested in seeing past Friday Fashion What to Wear guides?  Just type in "Friday Fashion" in the search bar over there ———>.

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  1. Bethany August 27, 2010 at 2:22 pm - Reply

    And please don’t be afraid to comment! I love to read you ideas and thoughts!

  2. Syd August 27, 2010 at 5:47 pm - Reply

    I like this look for Tech events, too (my first thought when I saw the red and black). Super classy for football games in the fall!!! These FF blogs are my favorite!

  3. Bethany August 27, 2010 at 8:47 pm - Reply

    Lol Syd! There *is* a reason I didn’t make this black with burnt orange or maroon! ­čśë

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