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Happy February 7th!  I’m excited to be back to blogging after taking the month of January off.  And maybe a lot   of 2012 actually.  So much was and is going on that blogging generally took a huge backseat.  (Really, it took the bus – to another city – on another planet).   I won’t go on and on about busy; I know you all know what that’s like and thank you for sticking with me anyway and always being so kind and supportive.  We’ve been weathering newness and settling into routines…trying to give the three little ones (Well, two little ones.  One, not so little anymore)  normalcy while also uprooting them from old schools and the known.

Throughout all of this, I have been working hard lately to update my online presence.  I’ve been updating my sadly neglected Etsy shop and making it much, much happier.  In an effort to expand my business and my portfolio, I’ve been illustrating and playing with both mixed media and digital media.  I love it!  I’m hoping to add new artwork and photography everyday and with that, take some time to blog more consistently.  I think it’s a bit too late to make a New Years Resolution but oh well. Wish me luck!

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