100_3893_2 I love gardening!  I came back from Pete's Garden (wish there was a link to this place) with oodles of awesome plants.  I mostly got herbs (silver-edged thyme and golden thyme and variegated sage) and container plants for my pots.  Something about a garden nursery just thrills me to pieces!  I don't know if it's  the fact that it is finally warm outside (80 F today) or that all of these flowers will make my yard beautiful or that I just love digging in the dirt or that I love to watch things grow or that I can change my garden at my whim….*shrug*

What's the answer? 


Anyone else have a strange affinity for gardening?  The weird thing is that I'm not *great* at it – there are some people who just have a natural green-thumb.  I do have a sense of the style of a garden and the color-scheme is pretty easy to figure out – the part that is hard for me is figuring out which flowers for which soils (ours is heavy clay) and watering needs. (we need a LOT in our drought-like summers)

So basically I have no cool, witty ending to this blog post.  Just that man, I loves me some flowers.