my camera decided to work – only for an instant and so I took as many pictures as possible!  Not sure what is up with it – for some reason, it doesn't like to read cards – says "FORMAT" or CHANGE" or "CARD NOT READABLE" whenever I put in a card – (new or old)…but on a whim, I decided to try it and for once, it took!  Then I took out the card and uploaded them and alas, camera no work no more.  I really need to take it in and see about it; hopefully it's something simple and not too serious.  It pains me not to have it.  Honestly, that's why I haven't been updating as much…My life is a series of images in my head and when I don't have that to share with you, I feel boring ol' black and white type.  There are lots out there that can paint beautiful images with their words, I've just always enjoyed sharing the colored bits…

DSC_00042896 Anyway, I've been working on a newfound hobby/art/obsession.  Soft pastel painting!  I've done 7 or 8 of these and find them extremely satisfying.  Not only because I love the soft swish of color on paper (see…I like color) but because the results are so instantaneous…no waiting for paint to dry.  No brushes to clean (only my fingertips), no paint colors to mix on a messy tray.  Just me and beautiful sticks of color and my imagination.  DSC_00092893 I have been reading Bill Creevy's The Pastel Book and this painting I did today is very much based on his work.  He does these beautiful impressionistic still-lifes.  Keep in mind that the picture doesn't accurately represent the light source on the pears as by the time I took it, the sun had moved!

DSC_00272895 Miss G is talking up a storm (see "in the moment" picture at left for proof).  "Bush" (pronounced with a "u" like in "up") is school bus…hoeese (horse), Meme (Benjamin), Cowee (Colin),  Bookoo (book), appuu (any type of fruit….from oranges to bananas to pears…she really doesn't eat many *actual* apples)…so cute as she discovers new words everyday. 

Russell is home.  Snowed today!!  Boys played outside and chased Harry  all around…must go and figure out what to feed this crew….

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  1. Heidi January 28, 2009 at 5:17 am - Reply

    Hi Bethany,Glad your camera works again.And your painting is beautiful.Great picture af your little girl.

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