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I can't believe this week has flown by and it's time for another what to wear Fashion Friday!  I'm still dreaming of the coat from last week!  But….in case you're not a mustard-yellow-coat-wearer… brings a more muted yet still dreamy palette.  Inspired by all the military gear out there lately, I found this super stylish jacket at…where else?  I'm thinking of it being worn a little less severely – unbuttoned with cute ruffly shirt (I've used this shirt before – love, love it) and with some fun and funky chains and dangly jewelry.  We can't forget the fabulous shoes!  Dad is more reserved in basic blue.  With the kids being in fun prints (and he'll probably have one or both of the kids on his lap at some point), he'll serve as the comfy base.  I loved the leafy pattern of the little girl's dress…the pink softens and freshens the otherwise very neutral palette.  The wolf print shirt adds a fierce raaaaawwwwr (or is it aaaaaoooooooooooooo!) to this great family foursome!  These outfits are versatile enough for many locations – urban areas, parks, fields, homes…you name it!

Want to check out more of my Fashion Friday posts?  Please just search "fashion friday" over in the search bar.  It's over ——————————-> there.



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