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Bethany Fields pastel painting

“A Golden Crown”

9×11 pastel on paper – Bethany Fields 2017

Cool nights, that weather that makes you put on a sweater and then shed it by 3:00.  I love the sound of crows in the trees and how everyone puts pumpkins and mums on their porch.  People walk a little more briskly and everyone is excited for the next Friday football game.

The kids are in full school-swing.  First 6 weeks is over and they have decided whether they love or don’t-love their teachers.

The sun is setting earlier.

The light is a little longer.

The sudden realization that it is FALL and soon it will be Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas…a new Year?

I’m a little more tender towards 2017 today.  Taking a day moment by moment.  Flicking my son’s hair out of his eyes.  Brushing my daughter’s hair until it is silky smooth.

Saying “yes” to as many things as I can.

Today is a new day and I am glad in it…


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