I'm thinking of starting a blog that is called "Things that my kids do at the post office that gross me out."  What do you think?  Catchy?  As I'm at the post office almost everyday mailing things from my shop or my other shop (both at Etsy)  I have quite a few of these nifty little tales tucked away in my brain.  Today's gem  was when Benjamin dropped his newly opened heart-shaped Valentine's sucker on the floor and then (swifter than I could stop him) swooped down and quick-as-lightning, back in his mouth. Awesome. 

Or the time Colin picked up no fewer than six of the beanie baby-esque teddy bears they used to sell and threw them in their trash. I <heart> going through post office trash. 

So…today's photo has absolutely nothing to do with this post (or my future award winning blog) but it's soothing and quiet which soothes my grossed-out soul.