I went running in the rain today.  The minute my feet hit the pavement and the opening sounds of the song on the iPod came on, I felt a quickening in my spirit. Looking around at this landscape that I often grumble about, I was overcome with thankfulness.  It's hard sometimes doing what I do in the lonely plains of Texas.  No lush meadows, no waterfalls, no groves of trees. No rushing rivers, no majestic pines or beautiful crumbling buildings or old covered bridges.  


Today in the rain my spirit rejoiced and I was thankful.

Today my Lord and Savior showed me the beauty of HIS world….the way the yellow leaves of a honey locust shimmer when they're wet.  That even though the landscape is flat and shapeless, the forms of the clouds swirl and rise to His glory.  That the wind that blows through the trees lifts the leaves into glorious patterns, shapes and movements that only He designs.  

I wish I'd had my camera.  

But I didn't.  

I realized that the point wasn't to capture.  

It was to notice.  

I noticed the little old man with the red and white polka dotted cap raking his lawn.  I noticed the way the tall grasses in the field bent and swayed in the breeze.  I noticed the cold rain on my skin.  

I thought of all of these things and almost couldn't keep in my tears of happiness and thankfulness.

I'm so thankful for eyes that can see and ears that can hear.  I'm thankful for two hands and strong legs.  

As cars passed me on the road and the rain and wind were increasing in urgency, I noticed stares out the window as people were probably thinking  "that crazy girl running in the rain!"  I hope they then noticed my smile and joy at being alive….and that the rain on my cheeks mingled with tears of gratitude.

I'm so thankful that He gave me a heart to notice and to rejoice.


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  1. chriselda October 21, 2010 at 2:25 pm - Reply

    “It was to notice”
    wow. powerful stuff there, lady! love it!!!!
    you run?! i need a running partner!
    loved this post!!!!

  2. Nance October 23, 2010 at 9:01 am - Reply

    Love this post! So true!

  3. Allison October 28, 2010 at 7:55 am - Reply

    What a great word for me to read this morning, thanks for this! God is so good!

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